Monday, October 21, 2019

Week 8 Monday October 21st

8th Grade: 
 Latin II 3A due 10/23, B due 10/25
POL: Poem practice and memorization
Reading: F451 to page 76+Journal entries (2)+ study guide questions

10th Grade:
Beowulf test 10/24-10/25
Study Guide due at time of test
POL: Poem memorization
Tropes review test 10/28

Modern Lit:
Tropes definitions test 10/28
Review test 10/25

AP Lit
Vocabulary: Review test and Tropes definitions test 10/25
Reading: Oedipus and tragedy article
Play pages 8-25

Monday, October 14, 2019

Week 7 Monday

8th Grade:
Writing: Type Patriots Pen essay from handwritten draft-- 300-400 word count
Reading: to page 38 in Fahrenheit 451 and associated questions
Poetry Out Loud: Review memorization and recitation of poem

Modern Lit:
Vocabulary Unit 6 Friday 10/18
Reading: Finish chapter 13 and open book questions
Poetry Out Loud: Short poem should be memorized, long poem should be about 1/3 memorized

AP Lit:
Test: King Lear essay test Wednesday--prepare outline
Vocabulary: Unit 5 Friday 10/18

10th Grade
Vocabulary: Unit 6 Friday 10/18
Shield Project: due 10/18

Friday, September 6, 2019

End of Week 1-- 9/6

8th Grade:
Respond to the essential question prompt with 25 bullet point items.  Due Monday

10th Grade: No weekend homework, Friday we wrote an in class essay.

Modern: Vocabulary Unit 1 due 9/13

AP Lit:
"Very Sad" article--read and annotate
125 Literary terms due 9/13

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Week 1-- 2019 All Classes

8th, 10th, Modern Lit, AP Lit:
             Your signed syllabus and/or parent letter is due Friday 9/6 as your first grade

AP Lit-
    Study for quiz 9/13 for Literary terms 125 vocabulary you will need to know. 
    College Board login for 9/4