Tuesday, April 2, 2019

8th grade spelling and Latin for quiz 4/12

Commonly Misspelled Words

Latin and Greek
occido (L)                             kill                                                           homicide, suicide
pathos (G)                           suffering, feeling                              sympathy, apathy
pendo (L)                             weigh, hang                                        depend, pendant
per (L)                                   through                                                perceive, persist, persevere
phobos (G)                         fear                                                        phobia, claustrophobia
plenus (L)                           full                                                          plenty, plenary

Monday, February 25, 2019

Libravox Link for Pride and Prejudice

Click here to follow along and listen to the reading

Click here for help with chapter summaries

Week 22---2/25

8th grade:
Spelling and Phrases weeks 19 and 20--study words and phrases for 5 minutes
Reading--Pride and Prejudice chapters 2-6.  Journal entries are unfamiliar vocabulary terms, 1 per chapter

10th Grade:
Reading--Canto 30 and fill out Cantropasso chart
Greek: 18A due Thursday
Vocabulary Unit 11B--quiz and sentences 3/1
Writing: Poetry Explication due 2/27 HARD COPY ONLY
Misc: Inferno poster due 3/5

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Week 16--Finals Review Week

All students are working on their study guides in preparation for finals week, week 17.  Students need to review their answers each night but will have time in class on which to work with their peer partners on answering the questions.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wednesday and Thursday Week 12

No Homework for 8th or 10th grade due to the STAR reading test.

8th grade
Latin II 7B--due Friday
Study weeks 11/12 French phrase definitions for 5 minutes.  Quiz 12/7
Reading: Twelfth Night Act 1, scenes 1-3

10th Grade:
Greek 15B due Friday
Tropes 10-12 study terms
TPCASST of Sonnet 18
Reading: SGGK to page 59 + questions