Sunday, July 16, 2017

I hope your summer has been relaxing and given you a chance to "recharge" your batteries.  We are seven short weeks away from beginning classes.  If you have not started reading your summer homework, you should begin immediately. If you need help or resources to support your understanding of the work, please email me immediately.

AP and British Literature you should ponder the following questions as you read and be prepared to articulate defensible and specific answers:

Why should students read ____________________ novel? Why this book and not another? What will they gain from this reading experience? What are the ‘big ideas’ in this work? What makes this book a classic?  Why does the novel have literary merit?  

How is this novel reflective of the literary movement to which it belongs?  What social issues arise?  How does the diction choice reflect the culture of the time period?  Why did the author make those specific language choices?

What characters are prominent in the work?  Who/what is subverted?  Are their archetypal characters?  Which archetype do they embody?  Does the character break with any conventions?

Mrs. Copp