Monday, October 22, 2018

Week 8--Monday

8th Grade:
Spelling and Phrases weeks 7/8--Study spelling words for 5 min.
Latin II 5A due Wednesday 10/24,  5B due Friday 10/26
POL Poem should be memorized, working on voicing
Reading F451 pgs 81-92 + 2 Journal Entries

12th Grade:
Greek 12A due Wednesday, 12B due Friday
Vocabulary unit 7--sentences due Friday 10/26
Reading: Beowulf Study Guide and Test--Thursday 10/25
POL Poem should be memorized, working on voicing

10th Grade: The Camelot Project

Please familiarize yourself with the symbols, creatures, and motifs of Camelot found here.

Annotate one item and bring with you to class.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Poetry Out Loud Reminder!!

Poetry Out Loud Poem Memorization reminder....

8th Grade:
Students will choose one poem from the Poetry Out Loud site that is 25 lines or longer.  Students will have their poem chosen NLT 10/9/2018.  Poems should be memorized with just a few mistakes being made.  Recitation begins 11/12/2018.

10th Grade:
Students will choose two poems from the Poetry Out Loud site.  One poem will be 30 lines or longer.  A second poem will be 25 lines or less.  Students wishing to compete in the all school competition should select a third poem.  One of the three poems needs to be pre-twentieth century.  Students will have their poems chosen NLT 10/9/2018.  Recitation begins 11/12/2018.  Students should have thir short poem memorized and should have portions of their long poem memorized.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Week 8: British Literature Anglo Saxon Name Converter

Anglo-Saxon Futhark writing is governed by rules that no longer apply in Modern English.  To see your name, and the name of your shield in Futhark, Please click here . Be sure to use Elder Futhark for your translation.  Copy or print this translation and add it to your Shield poster project.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Name: Elizabeth Gray---> 
Shield: Fortune Favors the Bold---->